The past is over, the future is not guaranteed; all we have is the present. We’ve likely heard this before.  Taken out of context it can be seen as an extreme perspective.

Looking back and understanding history is a great way to self reflect and learn. Planning for the future is a great way to make sure our vision and calling for life comes to pass.

Enjoying the present is the only way to truly appreciate this amazing journey we have called life.

As I reflect back on the year of 2018 at New Life Chiropractic, I am so very grateful for the lives that we got to partake in. We were blessed to see so many people engage in their health proactively while at the same time seeing so many healing miracles take place.

This year we saw people reverse type II diabetes, we saw people with infertility struggles conceive children, we saw colitis of 12 years go into remission, we saw chronic back pain resolve and we saw heart disease healing (just to name a few).  On top of that we saw everyday injuries recovering faster, immune systems more efficiently dealing with illness and we saw hundreds and hundreds of people proactively caring for their health.

As great as a good healing story is, my goal for everyone under our care is to never need a dramatic healing story.  Of course we all need little bits of healing here and there but I don’t ever want the people we care for to need a huge healing from some devastating disease like cancer.

Failing to plan for your health is like playing roulette.  Today’s poor foods, monotonous postures, in-activity and screen time lead to disease.  We need to learn from this and plan for a better tomorrow.  Carve out time for your health.

Let’s make 2019 our best year ever.

Be Blessed, Dr Matt