Isn’t it interesting that many doctors, nurses and school teachers are around sick people all day and they don’t always find themselves under the weather. Yet, when the average person gets sick they want to blame someone for spreading the germs.

Don’t give germs so much credit.  The truth is that your internal resistance (state of your health) is a much bigger factor than the germ itself.  It takes both an opportune host (weakened person) and a germ to make someone sick.  In any household, germs are spread like wild fire yet not everyone gets sick.  In fact a parent can sleep in a bed with a sick child and not get sick.  Internal resistance is the key to success.

This year, don’t take the apathetic (helpless) approach to better health.  Take the responsible approach and build your health from the inside out.

7 War Fare Tips for “Cold and Flu Season”

1) Don’t eat sugar – minimize all carbohydrates and especially eliminate refined carbs (sugar in coffee, baked sweets, bread, pasta, etc)

2) Get your sleep – as the days get shorter and night falls earlier, we need more rest

3) Get your body moving – oxygenation of tissue and sweat is great for your immune system.  Be sure this includes movement of the spine multiple times a day.

4) Chiropractic Adjustments – reduce stress and stimulate the neuro-immunological system and enhance your body’s ability to fight infection/disease.

5) Fresh air and sunlight – getting time in the sun and fresh air is beneficial to the immune system

6) Supplement – take Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Probiotics, Zinc and Deep Immune at the first sign of fighting any type of illness.

7) Be pro-active – we can’t wait until crisis to take action.  We don’t wait for bankruptcy to be good financial stewards and don’t wait for divorce papers to tell our spouses we love and appreciate them.  Crisis living is not the answer, stewardship is.

Be Blessed,

Dr Matt