A new study in the journal of Child Development shows night-time usage of a cell phone can increase anxiety and depression in teenagers and reduce self-esteem. This is the first study that shows a direct link between screen time and mental health.

  • Studies show that 50% of teens feel addicted to their cell phone
  • Teen anxiety and depression have increased by 70% in the last few decades

Night time phone use creates poor sleep habits which increases depression, and delinquency, and reduces self esteem, and emotional well being.

Using technology before bedtime can be very disruptive for your sleep – the phone time replaces sleep time. The content you’re viewing also stimulates your brain, and the screen light suppresses melatonin. Studies have shown that teens who are depressed use more social media as well.

  • Recommendations:
    • Start good habits at a young age
    • Enforce digital curfews
    • Put family charging stations in parents’ room
    • Expect resistance

On average time spent on social media is 9 hours a day!

Parents can achieve better compliance with these rules by following them as well. The mental health impact is not just limited to teens; adults using their phone instead of sleeping are also susceptible to developing anxiety and depression.