Babies and Toddlers – One word NEUROPLASTICITY! This means that from birth to five years of age the nerve system is it’s most mouldable.  It’s important to make sure that the spinal and nerve system development is strong and healthy, not establishing awkward patterns.  All the checks that your doctor does are predominately neuro-developmental milestones.   Rolling over, crawling, learning to balance, walk, run, throw a ball, ride a bike, are all neurologically coordinated patterns.  A healthy spine improves this in children.

Youth – Thousands of MICRO-TRAUMA’S accumulate in this stage of life.  Falls, crashes in to the hockey boards, headers in soccer, desk posture at school, electronics at home.  Youth are more sedentary than ever before, and a spine needs to be kept mobile.  A spine in chronic posture causes abnormal nerve system distress and can affect everything from the immune system to focus and concentration.  Healthy youth have healthy spines.

Adults – STRESS LEVELS rise and MOVEMENT begins to decline.  All stress is released through the body with movement of the spine.  This is why mobility of the spine via a chiropractic adjustment is such a healthy thing.  Decreased movement leads to an accelerated rate of osteoarthritis in the spine.  Regular chiropractic care helps prevent premature spinal decay, just like good oral hygiene helps with the longevity of your teeth.

Seniors – LOSS of mobility, shrinking joint space and hunching of the back, are three major concerns of aging that affect your overall health.  One single adjustment of the lumbar spine has been shown to increase height in the average person.  Mobility is definitely improved with adjustments and this in turn will keep people independent and self sufficient longer.

As you can see, people from all ages are better off with chiropractic.  A healthy spine is about so much more than just back aches.  It helps people be at their best for a lifetime!

Bless you all