The Importance of Your Spine

Your spine and nervous system are responsible for controlling all of the functions of your body and therefore, any shifts or misalignments (vertebral subluxation) in the spine can affect the function in your body in many ways. The spine itself helps to protect the delicate spinal cord within and the nerves that exit and control the entire body.

Healthy Spine Chiropractor

The Structure of the Spine

From the front, our spine should be straight up and down and from the side, there should be 3 flowing curves. When the spine is in this position, there is little to no pressure on the nervous system which allows for proper function and movement. When there are shifts or misalignments away from this optimal position, reduced neurological function, reduced movement and often tenderness can result. If left undercorrected, this can lead to premature degeneration and deterioration of the spine and increased risk of disability.

How Chiropractic Can Help?

We are all familiar with the principle that brushing and flossing daily helps maintain the health of your teeth and if you don’t, cavities will result. The same principle is true in regard to the spine. If the spine isn’t cared for, the stresses of daily life and sedentary lifestyles will lead to premature degeneration and disability. Much like teeth, the spine requires regular maintenance to keep both it and your nervous system healthy and vital well into your 80’s, 90’s and 100’s.