According to all the research, STRESS is the most detrimental thing that our body has to endure.

When we are under stress our body lives in survival mode.  It struggles to heal, to regenerate, and to work at its full potential.  It is literally only considering the short term survival of the threat it perceives.

We were designed to live in short bursts of stress i.e. encountering a bear in the woods.  Now we live in chronic stress.  Financial burdens, time constraints, getting kids to activities, bondage to messaging/email, comparison disappointments via social media, unhealthy foods, the list goes on and on.

The chronic nature of stress is tremendous burden on our health.  We have to find ways to break free and give our body the proper time/ability to heal and regenerate.

Here’s what you can do to support yourself better

1) Get moving – move your body and your spine many times at day. Get out of your chair and stretch for 30seconds

2) Get adjusted – relaxing the nerve system is one of the most powerful ways to promote healing in your body

3) Eat only real food – the foods that God gave us will support our day to day needs best

4) Pray and meditate daily – this is called renewing your mind on what is good, truthful and right.

5) Regulate your strongholds – if your finances are stressing you out, don’t look at them except for pre-defined times

6) Spend time in nature – reconnecting with creation is calming and resetting for your body

7) Rest well – limit caffeine and other stimulants and be sure to sleep as much as possible (7-9 hours please)

We need our health to live our purpose.  Steward it well.

Be blessed,

Dr Matt