Like anything great in life, success usually starts with a plan. Rarely does greatness just happen without some sort of vision and follow through plan.

September is one of the most stressful months of the year. It is a huge time of transition with new routines, changes in daylight hours, increases in productivity, exposure to more germs from living in close quarters at school, faster foods with faster pace living. All of these are aspects of life that must be navigated.

The keys to success are to think ahead and have some structures in place that are prepared in advance.

For health:
1. Start building your kids immune systems now – don’t wait until they’re sick.
2. Get sleep schedules started
3. Take vitamin D (going into classrooms without sun), Vita-Kids, Vitamin C, probiotics (good bacteria-Probiotic 123 we carry is good for kids), get chiropractic adjustments of the spine and nerve system for proactive support.
4. Keep Zinc and Deep Immune Kids on hand to take at the first sign of any being under the weather (also double Vitamin C)
5. Create a new family schedule, kids thrive best on routine.
6. Have a list of 9 healthy snack options that you rotate through for school lunches.

For life success:

Set some goals for you and your family. September is the unofficial New Year. Much like January it is great time establish some new goals and routines.
1) When will you get your movement and fitness?
2) What things will you do make sure you have stress under control?
(Prayer, meditation, Strest (adrenal supplement), chiropractic)
3) How many books would you rather read than use electronics and spend time on social media?

Without a plan, people end up living reactively and trying to ‘survive’ from crisis to crisis. By Thanksgiving most people start battling sickness. Not because of back to school germs but because of run down bodies. Things like less day light, stressful living, less movement, junkier foods etc lower the internal resistance of the body.

When the body is cared for with a healthy spine, good movement, good food and proper rest, it is better able to adapt to the stressors of life. Sickness is much less likely and a great quality of life is the natural by-product.

Be Blessed,

Dr Matt