Have you ever had that feeling that life is flying by, and you don’t even know if you’re sailing in the right direction?

Every day the things of this world are causing us to get tossed in multiple directions. Depending on where you let your mind go, life can have you on a crazy roller coaster that you may not be enjoying.

Rhythms, routines and patterns are the way we get off this crazy ride. With September being the un-official second New Year, it’s a great time to hit the reset button after a summer being off track.

  1. Decide where you want to go – example – more time with my spouse, more engaged with my kids, better fitness, better nutrition…etc.
  2. Come up with two ways to influence each of those directional goals –example- download workout plan, set up date nights, put phone away at home so I’m not distracted with kids…etc
  3. Schedule the changes in – left to chance; none of this is likely going to magically happen. Make some time in your life for really matters and schedule it in. Likely, what you want to focus on is more important than the trivial things that are chewing up your time. Your relationships and health, are way more important than many of the things you’re choosing to spend time on.
  4. Feed what you want to grow, starve what you don’t – this is a law in life. Whatever you feed grows and whatever you starve doesn’t. Don’t watch the news and scroll through social media aimlessly. Engage with a purpose only. Give attention to what matters and eliminate what doesn’t. This is one of the fastest ways to life change.

Getting your life on track with schedules, rhythms, routines and directional/purposeful living, is the best way for you to know that you’re moving in the direction of your heart’s desire.

Be Blessed,
Dr Matt, Dr B and the New Life Team.