If you want to change the outcome, you have to change your behaviour. If you want to change your behaviour you ultimately have to change your belief.

Patients often come to me expecting that we can work a miracle in their life and they can just enjoy the ride. Although I wish it were true, it seldom ever happens that way. You see, if your health or any area of your life is in a poor state, it is usually the choices and actions you have taken that have put you in that place. If you never change your choices and behaviours, you’re unlikely to create lasting positive change in your life.

If someone is 50 lbs overweight, it is most likely their choices and behaviours that have put them in that spot. They can take a weight-loss pill that will boost their metabolism and they may loose the weight, but if they return to the same poor choices and actions that got them there, the weight will return.

Ultimately it comes down to our belief about our actions and choices. You see, the most successful changes in people come when they change their belief. If you change what you believe about your weight or about the food you are eating or about the fact that you can’t be all that you were created to be when your health is struggling, then you are more likely to succeed.

In the bible, Jesus said you can’t put new wine into an old wineskin. It will cause the old wineskin to stretch and, because it is dried out, it will rupture. The same thing goes with your life. You can’t put a new result in a person set in their old ways. They will fail. You must change your belief, choices, and actions to experience the fullness of your potential.

Be Amazingly Blessed,

Dr. Matt