It’s a miracle to me when I realize that I am not that smart but I managed to create 4 amazing children (and it didn’t even take that long). The right chemistry, the right hormones, the right reactions and the right un-known mysterious power that God puts into all creation.

One cell becomes nearly a trillion in 40 weeks. Formation of the brain and spinal cord first. Then the ensuing creation of heart, lungs, bones and all other organs. This all happens from within. There isn’t any outside help, it truly is a process that we don’t want to interfere with.

This is how all creation in the body works and it is also how your body should be maintained throughout its entire life. All healing comes from within via an above down, inside out principle. That is how life and healing and optimum well being occur. For some reason once we are born we get conditioned (mostly by fancy marketing) to think that our healing and solutions should come from outside in (drugs and surgery). We begin to interfere with this amazing creative and restorative ability that God birthed into us. We interfere with our nerve systems via, stress, trauma, posture and sleep position. We poison ourselves with toxic processed foods, drugs and overdosing sugars. We get little to no movement with our sedentary lifestyles and then we think a pill is going to save us.

It’s a lie. We’ve all been lied to. Healing and health always come from above down inside out. Just like the way you were created. We need to remove any and all interference to this amazing system that God gave us. Chiropractic removes subluxations in your spine so that messages and life can flow from above down inside out 100% all the time. You also need to remove other forms of interference that get in the way of you expressing that 100% function that you got as your birth right.

100% optimum health, healing, creation and re-creation have been with you since conception. You didn’t forget how to do it when you were born. You just started to interfere with it. Stay the course of health, remove interference and watch your body prosper the way it was intended.

Be Amazingly Blessed,

Dr. Matt