When a patient first begins care in our office, there are many questions and many things we need to address.

Whether you have been consciously or subconsciously making your health decisions, chances are they have been rooted in today’s medical/sick-care model. This model may help when someone is in a total crisis or when someone needs first aid, but today’s sick-care system has been failing to prevent disease and make people truly healthy. The bottom line is this: health is way more than simply feeling good. Drugs and surgery are primarily focused on alleviating symptoms; they rarely, if ever, address the underlying causes of the dysfunction.

Our goal is to help your body get stronger and stronger on the inside. When you are getting stronger on the inside, vibrant health will be the norm and disease will not be able to make its home inside of you.

The foundation of all health, healing, and proper function starts with a vibrant nerve system. If your brain can’t effectively communicate to your organs and tissues, it is impossible to be healthy. This is so much more than a good idea; it is one of the foundational laws of how your body works. It’s the most important step in the healing process.

Your specific corrective adjustments will help you eliminate any abnormal pressure on your spinal cord and nerves. With time, as this pressure stays off of your nerve system, you can expect your body will begin to heal, function, and regenerate the way God intended.

Once your nerve system is functioning better, you can begin to benefit from supplying your body with the other foundations for health: proper foods, lean muscle, plenty of oxygen, elimination of toxins, rest, and a joyful spirit.

As much as we all want healing to be this continuously positive experience that always feels good, it’s often an up and down pathway. Remember how you feel is not the main indicator as to how you are doing. Just like a marathon runner in training, some days the running feels easy and other days it feels hard. Know the continual effort will move you to your ultimate goal.

Remember all processes take time. Just as it took a long time to breakdown, it can also take a long time to build back up. You change your action steps. Continuing to do the same thing you have always done will yield the same lousy results. Engaging in a new way will create new results. Only you can heal you. Your choices, or lack there of, is how you got to where you are; it will be your new choices and actions that will get you to your new promised land.

Finally, above all, raise your level of expectancy and increase your hope. Belief is a powerful action. When you increase your hope and become filled with expectancy you can be sure good things are going to follow. Most of healing requires great faith. Hoping for something that is not yet the way you envision it to be is one of the most powerful things you can do.

Here’s to your new health.

Be Blessed,

Dr. Matt