“Look well to the spine for the cause of disease” Hippocrates

One of the greatest failures of our modern medical system is that it rarely investigates the cause of disease and tries to attack the disease and its symptoms instead.

If someone needs a knee replacement, they never look for the cause, they just cut out the knee. If someone has cancer, they cut, radiate, and use chemotherapy on the tumor but rarely look for the cause. If someone has high cholesterol or high blood pressure, they are quick to medicate but fail to properly educate as to the cause.

As long as we continue to attack disease, and never address strengthening the weakened body, we will see diseases like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and arthritis continue to rise. The world health organization is predicting a 37 percent rise in cancer rates by 2020.

Only when we look to clean up the body and strengthen the system, pro-actively, will disease rates drop. Cancer rates won’t drop with chemotherapy and radiation; this just attacks cancer that is already present. Cancer rates will drop when people live healthier, never getting cancer in the first place.

The healthiest people on the planet understand this. They are living pro-actively, not reactively. They are sowing into their health and planting the right seeds for a lifetime of healthy harvest.

Today I encourage you to focus on the 4 Laws of Health, and work on strengthening your body in all these areas.
1) Healthy Nerve System 2) Sound Nutrition 3) Proper Movement 4) Stress/Rest Balance.

When you steward over your health wisely, disease is no longer the same threat as it is to the general population.  Disease can’t make a home in a strong, vibrant body. This is why we care for families and people of all ages, from newborns right on through to people in their 90s. Most patients in our office are pain free; they are more interested in staying healthy than waiting for a crisis.

Be Blessed,

Dr Matt