That first infection a baby encounters doesn’t cause it to keel over and die. At only a few weeks of age, its body is trying to fight off disease and heal itself. When it scratches its face with those sharp little nails, it doesn’t hemorrhage, bleed out in the crib and die. It clots the blood, stops the bleeding, forms a scab, and grows new skin.

This is all within weeks and days of baby being born. The body is simply made to heal and survive. It doesn’t know or want anything else. It’s all about finding ways to help you heal, thrive, cope, balance, and prosper.  In the medical world this is called homeostasis. This means the body is always looking for that state of peace.

Although counter-cultural, THIS IS THE TRUTH:  YOU WERE MADE TO HEAL. Somehow, with fancy marketing and enough disease accumulating in our unhealthy society, people have begun to think disease is normal and life after 40 is all downhill.

We live in a world where people think their health is someone else’s responsibility (a doctor makes me well). They take drugs to mask signs of weakness in the body and think this is making them healthier. This state of apathy and lifestyle destruction is why we are sicker than ever.

We may be living longer but the Heart and Stroke Foundation – in a study called “Make Health Last” – points out that the last 10 years of Canadian’s lives are more wrought with disease than ever before. It’s time for change.

Health is your birthright. It just takes some proper nurturing along the way to maintain it. You should be able to handle sickness, heal your body of pathogenic cancer cells, and never develop inflammatory diseases when you properly look after yourself.

Families should be prioritizing and focusing on health. It should be understood that health is your greatest asset and is more important than anything else you could ever possess. Without your health you can’t be what God created you to be.

Nurture your birthright, prioritize your health, and begin to see how well made you really are. You’ve got what it takes.

Be Blessed,

Dr Matt