How committed are you to getting where you need to go? Pursuing the best life possible and living the dreams you were made for takes a process of continual engagement.

I find that people (myself included) love to exist in extremes. Either they don’t exercise at all or they’re training for a marathon. Either they eat without restraint or they’re doing a 21-day juice fast. It’s easy for our minds to accept extremes; but the truth is, life exists in a healthy tension between extremes.

Over the years, with thousands of patients observed, I’ve come to realize there are at least two common characteristics in people who are continually growing and improving. One: speed of implementation, and two: sustainable action steps.

Procrastination is one of the greatest thieves of health. People get sick and die every Christmas waiting to start their new year’s resolution. This happens year-round as well: people waiting until tomorrow. After Easter, after that wedding, after that trip – there is always some reason you can find to wait. Speed of implementation is a key to being your best. You need to take action and capitalize on the good idea that flashes in your mind today. Good intentions are only really good when you take action and implement.

The second key is making sustainable changes. Instead of going all-out and then burning out, start with tangible changes. Rather than an immediate nutrition makeover, how about just cutting out white flour. How about switching from double-double to regular. How about walking for 15 minutes after dinner each night. How about leaving a note for your wife each morning rather than trying to undo 12 years of distance in one weekend. Life is best changed with small, sustainable actions over long periods of time (like forever).

We are hardwired for growth. Wherever you are now, know there is a next level of engagement. Implement small action steps immediately and watch how much better your life is 12 months from now.

Be Blessed,

Dr Matt