Sickness and disease is a lot less about random chance and a lot more about the day to day choices and actions we take.

These 4 categories of influence are the best ways for you to impact your health.

  1. What you put in/on You – what you put in your body as food choices, skin creams, medications etc will either work with your body or work against it.  Water vs Pop, vegetables vs cookies, etc.  When you give your body good, natural foods, clean hygiene products and natural supplements, it can function, heal and regenerate better.  It blows my mind how bad the food is in hospitals when people are trying to heal, how complicated the chemical list is on daily hygiene products and how large the list of side effects are with most medications.
  1. How you Move – getting your entire body going through ranges of motion and challenging your muscles against gravity are the keys.  Being strong and mobile is your best combo.  Sitting as we drive, work at desks and using electronics is in direct contradiction to the law of movement.  Find ways to create lots of movement and variety in your day.
  1. How you Rest – the body heals and regenerates best in a settled and rested state.  With our electronics addictions and 24/7 availability via mobile technology, it is rare that anyone is at rest anymore.  We need to carve out time to just “BE”.  More human to human interaction and more time in quiet is good for health and healing.
  1. How you Think – the most overlooked category of health and healing.  People have accepted poor health as normal and claimed diagnosis and disease as their identity.  This has to stop and people have to begin to own that fact their bodies are strong and capable of healing and functioning at very high levels.  To the extent that our belief and thinking is limited, our results will be as well.  Begin to speak and think of yourself as whole, strong and healthy.  Then put action alongside it for support.

Mediocre health has got to go.  You must break out of an apathetic state of mind and begin to realize that the greatest chance you have at health is working with the amazing DR that God put right inside of you.  There is nothing smarter or no greater creation than the human body.  Work with it by nurturing the 4 categories of health above and watch your health thrive.

Be blessed beyond your greatest imagination,

Dr Matt