I am used to hearing people blame their doctors, drug companies, or insurance companies for their health woes. I hear it regularly. But your health is not their responsibility; it’s yours. Depending on your desire and ability to do what is needed, the state of your health can be transformed at any time. Being passive and/or looking for a quick fix in a pill is not the route to long-term health.

When I give a patient a recommendation for something they can do for themselves, I am often met with apathy. When handed the exact tools needed to change their own lives, many patients are unwilling to do what is needed to turn things around. There is a clear disconnection between intention and action. But intention without action is really just a good idea. There needs to be implementation to have results.

The world is unhealthy, so in striving for health you must be counter-cultural and you must be willing to put in serious effort. We are conditioned to want to take the easiest route, to always strive to feel good. This leads people into choosing the television over activity, comfort foods over the healthy ones, texting over verbal conversation and fast food over meal preparation.

Health is attained by doing what it takes to right the wrong and give your body what it needs to heal, function, and regenerate the way God intended for it to. When given the right stuff and a good environment, the body can heal from anything and everything. What is the right stuff? It all starts with a healthy functioning nerve system. Then you can support the nerve system and other tissues by eating properly, getting oxygen to your body via movement, and entering a state of peace.

Prioritizing your health means you will likely need to change a lot of your life. Your schedule will need modifying, your finances will need re-allocating, and your mind will need to go from apathy to accountability. As you engage you will be rewarded. An abundant life involves abundance in all area’s including health.

Be Blessed,

Dr. Matt