Reaction by definition is an action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event.

It is impossible to break through to new levels in life when all we do is react to the situations around us. When reacting, all our actions are defined by what happens around us. However, all the greatest advancements in life come when we become proactive and start to steer the rudder on our ship. When we react we are not destiny creators, we are simply responding to the aspects of life that go on around us.  But we are creative people who are most pleased with life when we step into the things that we were created for.

The Reactive Challenged Life

  • React to whatever seems to come your way.
  • Take a pill every time you don’t feel well.
  • Cut out an organ if it is not functioning properly.
  • Start exercising after you notice your clothes getting tight or when you plan a beach vacation.
  • Blame the economy, punch a clock, and wonder why you never get a raise.
  • Try to convince people that you really do love them after relationships have become strained.
  • Lean on God when something bad happens.

The Proactive Full Life

  • Spend time in faith, believing for what you don’t yet see.
  • Invest your time and money in your health, optimizing your health and preventing sickness and disease.
  • Exercise regularly to stay strong and healthy and maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Work hard, serve your company, get promoted.
  • Engage in deep and purposeful relationships with loved ones.
  • Pray and praise God continually.

When you search your heart for the things in life that God created you for, and you begin to create a proactive strategy to engage in that path, life will be so much more exciting and fulfilling.

Bless You

Dr Matt