One of my biggest fears is that I will move on from this life without letting everything inside of me out. I’m not talking about travelling the world, making more money, or eating expensive food; I’m talking about being able to express the heart of why God put me on this earth.

It became clear to me years ago that I have a huge job to do while I’m here. The greatest of those things is to first be a husband and father. Closely following is the calling I feel as a Healer/Doctor/Chiropractor.

Clearly, the people of this world are quickly sliding downhill when it comes to health and how we live. It is now completely acceptable to pre-plan a surgical childbirth and resort to drugs or surgery when children get the sniffles, a sore throat, or the common cold. Manipulating hormones in our teens, taking blood pressure, cholesterol, and mind-altering pills as adults; and ultimately, ingesting 11 prescriptions a day as a senior while waiting in line for a bed at a nursing home are all considered culturally normal activities.

Sales of canes, walkers, and wheel chairs are ever increasing. Joint replacements, coronary bypass, and stomach bypass surgeries are also increasing in number. More people are being diagnosed with cancer, living their entire lives obese, becoming diabetic, and having pre-maturely deteriorating bodies than we have ever seen in history.

Our job, myself and you reading this, is to help change this downward slide. We see it so clear. “Steward your body throughout your life and 95% of all chronic disease will be a non-issue for you.” It’s both simple and challenging in the same breath. Stewardship involves being fairly good at eating, thinking, exercising, and maintaining the health of your nerve system. We can do this.

We need to reach as many people as possible with this life-saving and life-transforming message that there is hope and that life doesn’t have to be lived in line at the Pharmacy.

This year we are asking for your help in taking this message to the masses.

Here’s how to get started: Leave a comment regarding where you work, or email us a contact we can get in touch with to begin a conversation about coming into your workplace, providing lunch to the staff and educating on our “Stress, Rest, Repeat” seminar. Here we have the opportunity to influence co-workers and maybe even get you involved with helping create accountability programs in your work place. A simple introductory email is all we need to begin; we’ll figure it out a step at a time.

Thank you for fully engaging, taking a minute to write us and, most importantly, partnering with us on our quest to leave this world a far better place than we found it.

Today’s your day. Be Blessed,

Dr Matt