Research: Vagus Nerve Activity a Strong Predictor of Cancer Survival

The “Vagus Nerve” – A very long (and important) nerve that goes from your upper neck to most organs in the body. It is a major part of the parasympathetic nerve system.

The “Parasympathetic System” – There are two major aspects of the nerve system that must exist in balance. The sympathetic system (your fight or flight, stress reaction system) and your parasympathetic system (feed and breed, healing and regenerating system).

Sympathetic – happens in stress, allows for heroic athletic feats, when you’re running on ‘adrenaline,’ allows you to take on great challenges, raises heart rate, down-regulates immune and digestive system.

Parasympathetic – up-regulates digestion and immune system, decreases heart rate, happens in states of rest and ease, and allows for regeneration.

Having sympathetic dominance is very common in our unhealthy, stress-filled world. It is also one of the largest contributors to all chronic degenerative disease. Cancer, heart disease, auto-immune disorders, and even post-workout recovery is impacted by sympathetic dominance.

A very recent and important study shows those who have good vagus nerve activity are way more likely to successfully deal with cancer in their body. The study looked at tumour markers for prostate and colon cancer. They found that people with good vagus nerve activity were way less likely to see their cancer progress.

I would extrapolate from this that people with good vagus nerve activity would then be less likely to get cancer in the first place (my opinion). This isn’t startling. We have long known stress is a leading culprit in disease. This study literally quantifies it and shows us stress promotes cancer and de-stressing stops it.

How can you increase your vagus nerve activity?  There are certain things the Pub Med literature would say increase parasympathetic activity (good vagus nerve activity). 

Do These:

Chiropractic Adjustments
Exercise that mobilizes the spine through range of motion
Being intimate with your spouse
Nutrition that focuses on proper gut health
Renewing your mind by meditating

This study is Landmark. It shows that cancer is directly related to stress. Stop the stress and decrease the risk or spread of cancer.

If you know someone with cancer, get them into New Life Chiropractic. We will personally do whatever we can to help save their life.

To see the study:

Today’s your day. Be Blessed,

Dr Matt