If doctors had to look for one common thread in nearly all degenerative disease, they would find inflammation. Inflammation is a root issue in weight loss, cholesterol, blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, pain, auto-immune disease, irritable bowel trouble, brain degeneration, and mental illness.

How have we become so inflammation dominant as a society? A lack of proper movement, fake food, eating poorly raised animals, mental stress, and lack of quality rest.

When it comes to health, the cure is always found in the elimination of the cause. Finding out where you are going wrong and then righting the ship is the only way to find real health.

Many people feel they eat well but are unaware of the hidden dangers of eating the wrong fats, the inflammatory nature of hidden sugars and excitatory toxins, the detrimental effects of antibiotics, hormones, and exclusively grain feeding our animals. People workout but don’t realize their workouts are throwing them into a stress response. They work hard for their family but don’t understand they’re cutting years off their lives.

I am convinced most people struggle with their weight and health because they just don’t realize the deception out there in the food they eat and the lifestyle they lead.

This month, on Wednesday Feb 24 at 6pm, at our monthly Unhealthy Anonymous Meeting, we will discuss the solutions for weight loss, arthritis, cancer, blood pressure, and irritable bowel syndrome. And we will teach you how to get rid of the inflammation in your life.

Be blessed and see you on the 24th,

Dr Matt