The alarm sounds, giving you just enough time to shower, brush your teeth, do your hair, make the kids’ lunches, and get to the drive-through for your morning cup of joe. You slide through the office door and punch the clock two minutes passed nine and begin checking your email. Your inbox indicates 18 new messages and you begin responding to the questions and needs of your co-workers, bosses, clients, and friends. At the end of your day, your drive home consists of figuring out what you’ll be making for dinner, how to get the kids to hockey, gymnastics, and piano while ensuring little Johnny knows his spelling words and Susie understands how to measure the perimeter of shapes for tomorrow’s math test.

This may seem comical but it is definitely the norm in today’s society. Life is full of to-do list living. We are so busy responding to other people’s issues, navigating other people’s agendas, and reacting to life’s demands we don’t have enough time to focus on living out our special purposes.

Yes, having a job, being a parent, and taking kids to activities is part of our purpose. But I am confident we are made for more than responding and reacting to other people’s demands. Each of us has been created for such special, world-changing purposes. We have to make sure we carve out time in our lives to be in touch with this and develop it on a regular basis.

First off, you need to know why you were created. It’s not to punch a clock and be a chauffeur. At the foundation of all our purpose is relationship. Knowing what you’re created for means you need to be in touch with your creator. If I developed the light bulb, I would be the only one qualified to tell you why I made it and what it’s purpose is. God made you and if you spend time with Him, He will subtly reveal who you are and what you are made for.

The next thing we need to do is slow things down in our 24/7 world. Stop chasing the to-do list and stop responding to other people’s agendas. Create dedicated times to check your email. You’re not a cardiologist on call. You likely don’t get paid like one, so don’t let your life be about emergency response. Most things can wait. Have specific limitations on social media. You shouldn’t feel “incomplete” if you are away from social media for extended periods of time. Take time to shut it down, refresh, and focus on your purpose in life. Find out what you are made for. Too much time reacting to other people’s lives limits you from engaging in your special purpose in life.

When we slow it down and re-connect authentically with God and the people in our lives, we develop a deeper sense of purpose and clarity about our own lives. We feel more energized because we’re living deliberately rather than reactively managing crisis. If you feel trapped in the to-do list of life, this is specifically for you. Life is amazing; don’t miss it because you are too busy.

Today’s your day. Be Blessed,

Dr Matt