Can you imagine if I took my kids to the dentist for the first time when they were 14 years old, and I had never taught them to brush and floss? It would be a disaster. The dentist would certainly have me schedule multiple return visits to deal with the damage in their teeth. Once they had that corrected, they would – hopefully – teach me that it would have been better to have had regular pro-active checkups to detect problems before they ever amounted to much.

Chiropractic and the health of the spine is the same way.  Waiting until your child is older to check their spine is not the best move.  In today’s world of infant carriers, sitting for hours at school, iPods, iPads, cell phones, television watching and driving in cars, kids (and adults) are breaking down their spines faster than ever.  Just like you can’t feel a cavity until it’s too late, the same thing happens with your spine.   You don’t have to have back pain to care for your spine.  In fact, it’s better to care for it pro-actively.

Your spine connects your brain to your body for both voluntary and involuntary functions – you need this connection to kick a soccer ball, but you also need it for digestion, breathing and even brain function.  A mildly dysfunctional spine will always equate to some form of dysfunction in the brain and body.

Do your kids and family a favor.  Switch to a pro-active approach towards health and avoid becoming part of the sick, suffering, and diseased of the world.

Be Blessed,

Dr Matt