It’s early in the new year and you are under the weather. This is unfortunate, not only because you’re now hunching over the toilet, but because it’s also interrupting your the strong start you’d planned for the year. Double bogey.

You may blame your sick co-workers or the germs at your child’s school, but the reality is the germs you’re coming in contact with are useless unless they find a susceptible host. This is why in the same family, where everyone is exposed to the same germs, not everyone gets sick. Only the people who are in a weakened state of immunity get sick.

What contributes to your immunity? In order of importance:

  • The health of your nerve system. Your chiropractic adjustments help with this.
  • The state of your nutrition. Sugar is one of your worst immune system enemies.
  • Your level of rest. Get to bed earlier.
  • Your mental state. Stress suppresses your immune system.
  • Your toxic load. Cleanse your body of impurities.

Keeping your body strong will ensure that you don’t get sick when the rest of the world is. Think about how many of these 5 immune influencers get out of whack around the Christmas season. This is why so many people get sick around the holidays.

Set your priorities on the most important things in life: your health and relationships. By doing this you will live a better quality of life and have fewer regrets.

Today’s your day. Be Blessed,

Dr Matt