People call this time of year cold and flu season. It would be more appropriate to call it unhealthy lifestyle season.  From late nights to office parties to family and financial stress – people are disrupted from healthy living more than ever this time of year. During the Christmas season, people eat more sugar (which suppresses your immune system), sleep less, exercise less, and stress more than any other time of year. Combined with the lack of sunlight and fresh air, you have a full blown assault on the body. This year, with some deliberate choices, you can prosper your health rather than sabotage it.

Actions Steps to Total Health Dominance:

1) Choose your sugar. Sugar is an immune system suppressant, even in small amounts. Never attend functions starving; this will help you avoid carb-rich appetizers. Fill up on healthy, lean proteins, and vegetables. Eat salads first, then mains, then wisely choose only one reasonable dessert. Sugar is way worse than fat; steer clear.

2) Don’t miss your workouts/exercise. Exercise decreases stress, oxygenates your body, and releases growth hormone. These are all things germs hate and vibrant health is built on. Even if it is quick, get your movement in.

3) Keep your rest up. Rest is when you heal. If your body doesn’t get a chance to break the stress cycle by sleeping, it is sure to get run down. Run-down bodies are where germs thrive.

4) Get adjusted. Keep your immune system firing on all cylinders by increasing your body’s ability to adapt to stress and heal itself. The nerve system is what regulates your immune responses. Each adjustment boosts your immune system.

5) De-Stress. Stay within your financial means and focus on relationships this year. Christmas can be very stressful if you lose perspective. Make it less about material things and more about love. Stress is the leading cause of death (and the most overlooked). Improve your stress levels and your health will follow.

Most people take drugs to kill germs rather than strengthening the immune system. This is why sick people keep getting sick. Germs flourish in a suppressed and stressed body. This is how one or two people in the house can get sick while others remain well. Germs don’t make you sick; otherwise, every doctor would always be sick. Suppressed bodies make good homes for germs. Germs in a strong body get killed before we even know they are there.

We believe that you can navigate post Christmas fatigue this year in a whole new way. Be very deliberate with your lifestyle choices and you will experience vibrant health exiting this Christmas Season.

Today’s your day. Be Blessed,

Dr Matt