Proverbs 23:2   And put a knife to thy throat, if thou [be] a man given to appetite.

Is it wrong to have a hefty appetite? Absolutely not. Appetite is normal; and in fact, it’s necessary in life. Appetites push you towards more in life.

People have appetites for all sorts of things: money, sex, gardening, cars, food, ice cream, and even work. In today’s world, people are being controlled by their appetite more than ever before. Appetites are normal; being lead by them is not.

The perverse world of marketing would tell you that if you feed your appetite, you will be happier and more satisfied. Eat this and you will feel great. Make this much money and you’ll be happy. Drive this car and you will finally feel like a real man. Appetites are targeted by Satan, because he knows that the more we are lead by the flesh, the more we will be of this world and the less we will be of God’s Kingdom.

When Jesus encountered Satan in the wilderness (Matthew 4), he offered to fill every worldly appetite. All Jesus had to do was bow down and worship him. Jesus commanded him to leave. He wouldn’t let his appetite lead him (especially hard after a 40-day fast).

In today’s world, we need to control our appetites more than ever before. Appetite control goes hand-in-hand with obediently living a Christ-centered life.

Gluttony is the continued feeding of the food appetite. It is a deadly sin. Gluttony will damage your flesh and wrought your soul from the inside out. Ever feel great after drinking too much alcohol, eating a gallon of ice cream, or raiding the refrigerator at night? The reason is simple. It’s bad for your flesh and the Holy Spirit conviction that speaks to your soul tells you it’s wrong.

Leading your appetites and not letting them lead you is the key. Appetite control should begin at a young age. When a parent doesn’t allow a child to have everything they want (candy, toys, etc), this cultivates appetite control. This early appetite training that helps a teenager say no to pre-marital sex develops into an adult who is able to refrain from a life of materialism. Eating excessively is the same thing. You have to deny your flesh and let it know that your soul is in control. Your soul is going to serve your spirit and not your flesh.

Leading your appetite to line up with your life’s purpose will help you slay the gluttony in your life.

Be Blessed,

Dr Matt