People say it often: “I’ll believe it when I see it.” This is one of the most limiting statements that can be made. It should be 180 degrees the complete opposite: “I’ll believe it, then I’ll see it.”

A necessary substance to move forward in life is something called faith. Faith, by it’s very definition, is believing for something not yet tangible by your senses. You can’t see it, you can’t taste it, you can’t hear it, the X-ray report doesn’t yet show it. People tell me, “Dr Matt, I’m not religious so this ‘having faith’ thing isn’t for me.” Let me tell you something: you might not realize it, but you have faith every day.

When you have a cold, for instance, do you believe you will have it for the rest of your life? No. Faith allows you to say your future will be different. You have belief for a different reality than you are presently experiencing. One day that cold will be gone; this is faith.

Believing a newly conceived baby will go from a small ovum to a full-grown baby in 40 weeks – when you can’t see it and, half the time, you can’t feel it – this is faith. You believe for something in the future that isn’t present now.

Believing your spouse will come home after work and won’t leave you high and dry; this is faith. You have an expectancy of something that hasn’t happened yet.

Believing in the future is, arguably, the greatest thing you can do to shape and mould your life.

We know belief influences everything from healing a disease, to creating wealth, to joy and love. There isn’t any aspect of your life not calling for faith.

We are challenged to continually keep growing and improving as human beings. Faith is a pre-requisite to growth and improvement. Moving beyond where you are, from a health perspective, takes belief (faith). You are either going to believe it will get better or you are going to believe it will get worse. Either way, you are believing and having faith for your future. Belief for healing and belief for deterioration are both faith in a different future. One is good and one is bad; you have to choose. I suggest you choose to anticipate good. Studies show the more we believe for something, the more likely we are to experience it. Believe you will get worse and it’s likely you will. Believe you will get better and it, too, is likely you will. Start taking steps congruent with what you believe and now we have the breeding ground for miracles.

Partner with God and stay in faith for the best possible life.

Today’s your day.

Be Blessed,

Dr Matt