In 1995, when Christopher Reeve flew off his horse, he shattered the top two bones in his neck and damaged his spinal cord. They hired the world’s greatest health care team. Physiotherapists came in and exercised his body for him multiple times per day while a team of nutritionists made him the best foods possible. Still, he died nine years later. He didn’t die because he lacked exercise or nutrition, he died because he had no power flowing through his body.

His body worked the same as yours does. The brain (the most important organ in the body) sends messages in the form of nerve impulses to all parts of the body. This supplies the body with the information and power it needs to live and thrive. The brain uses the spinal cord (sits in your back) to convey the messages to the body. Without these messages, which supply your body with power, your body can’t work. It doesn’t matter how much exercise or nutrition it gets, it needs this power to function.

If you take a dead person lying on the ground and exercise them, they don’t come back to life. If that same dead person gets a delicious organic meal of ideal foods, they will not be raised from the dead. The bottom line is without the messages that power you, there is no life. When these are working properly, then food and exercise can support proper health. But without power, it is useless.

The back (spine) is your message relay centre. It must be healthy in order for you to be your best. I repeat: your spine and nerve system control your body and decide your health; they must be maintained.

That’s what we do, day-in and day-out, with all of our awesome patients like you. But more people need to know this. Please help your loved ones understand the nerve system is critical for well-being, and having a spinal check-up will make all the difference in someone’s state of health.

Be Blessed,

Dr Matt