Hey doc… is it possible I’m addicted?

I’ve seen thousands of patients over the past 12 years, and many people have asked me if it is possible to get addicted to chiropractic. The answer is an overwhelming: NO. Here’s what you get addicted to…


In similar analogies…

I’m not addicted to good nutrition; I just know how inefficient and sluggish I feel after eating pizza when I usually eat very clean and nutritious.

I’m not addicted to dentistry, but I know how nice it feels after brushing and flossing compared to the sludge that builds up throughout the day.

I’m not addicted to deep conversation with my wife, but I know how connected we feel after engaging in conversation versus surfing the web in separate rooms.

Chiropractic is no different. When you become used to functioning with a highly efficient and unobstructed nerve system, you’re discontent with anything less.

Chiropractic is not creating an addiction; it’s creating an awareness. An awareness of what it is to be your best. You truly live 90+ percent of your life through your spine. That’s why you feel unhappy when you are subluxated.

Chiropractic is about functioning at your best; feeling good is a bi-product of excellent function.

Today’s your day.

Be Blessed,

Dr Matt