A change of season is a great time to cleanse, purge and help your body get ready for the new upcoming season.

Over the year we typically store 2-3 pounds of fat to prepare for any upcoming famine or drought.  There are 2 main problems with this.  The first is that in a world of globalization we rarely struggle with famine and therefore never need to draw on our fat reserves.  They just keep accumulating.  The second issue is that fat is where toxins are stored.  If we never mobilize fat we never move and excrete toxins.

The world is more toxic than ever and that is why this year we are suggesting a thorough spring cleaning of your body.  WE ALL NEED TO CLEANSE PERIODICALLY.  Cancer rates and autoimmune disease rates would drop significantly if we all were less toxic.

Toxins come from inhaled VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in your home such as paint, lumber held together with glue – MDF, chemicals in cosmetics, cleaning supplies, car exhaust, processed foods, pesticides etc.

Toxins are filtered and excreted through organs – colon, kidneys, liver, bladder, skin, lungs.

7 Cleansing and Detox Strategies

  • Dry Brushing your skin
  • Sweating – exercise and sauna
  • Breathing hard – exercise, deep breathing
  • Activated charcoal – 2 capsules before bed (away from supplements and meds)
  • Caloric restriction – mobilize fat by eating less
  • Epsom salt bath
  • All seasons detox – a simple protocol to support and cleanse your systems

Be sure to incorporate as many of these as possible for 30 days to help your body get the spring cleaning it so desperately needs.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Stay pro-active.

Be Blessed,
Dr Matt