Suicide by Lifestyle: The Outside-In Approach

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For a century now, the practice of medicine has been treating disease with an outside-in philosophy. This means we try to influence health by doing something like taking a drug. So, if someone is 40lbs overweight, stressed out and eating poorly, and they have high blood pressure as a result, the treatment is a pill. This will never work to improve the health of that person. We must strengthen the person.

As a result, we have a sicker society than we’ve ever had. After decades of primary care focused on the writing of prescriptions, we have more disease than ever before. We have to move the needle. We now collectively have a problem called preventable degenerative disease and as a society we all need to be concerned. Our failure to advise people on truly strengthening their body has created suicide by lifestyle over and over.

We need to be deliberate, truthful and willing to do what it takes to turn this tide in society. We need to empower and educate people about the harmful effects of poor lifestyle choices and give them the strategy to prosper in their health.

The human body is made to heal. It wants to heal. It’s born to heal. The internal wisdom that God placed in your body is always fighting for your survival and best interest. If health is eluding you, something is likely interfering with your ability to heal. It is more likely that it is lifestyle choice or ignorance that is creating this problem.

There are 4 foundational ways to influence your health. Examine your life and see how you’re doing. Your quality of life and longevity are most likely at stake.

  1. What you put in – foods, supplements, toxins in cosmetics, deodorants, meds.
  2. How you move – the right variety and type of movement vs. lack of movement or repetitive movement. (Major role for chiropractic here)
  3. How you rest – what are your stress levels like.  If you’re stressed, you are not resting and healing.  Your immune system is suppressed and you are likely fueling disease. (Major influence for chiropractic here)
  4. How you think – whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.

Let’s take back our health.

Be Blessed, Dr Matt