Outstanding Results with Chiropractic!!

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The general population connects chiropractic to back pain, neck pain and headaches.  The fact of the matter is that chiropractic actually has more scientific evidence for visceral (organ health) and brain health than it does for pain.

Research Proves that People Under Regular Chiropractic Care Have:

Better breathing

Better digestion

Better sleep

Lower blood pressure

Less cortisol (results from stress and contributes to nearly all disease)

139% higher levels of IgA (the immunoglobulin that makes collostrum breast milk so powerful for a baby’s immune system)

Less pain

Less stress

82% fewer medications

62% fewer visits to the ER

Healthier brain wave patterns

Less degeneration in joints

Better muscle recruitment (especially important for athletes)

Greater doctor / patient relationship satisfaction

Better focus

Faster recovery from injury

Stronger immune systems

Be encouraged that most of the benefits you are experiencing from your regular adjustments aren’t one’s that you feel, but are one’s that affect your overall level of health and functioning. This is important and amazing all at the same time.