Do You Trust Your Body?? What is Your Health Philosophy??

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Perhaps the most important thing you could ever do for your health is decide what you believe about your body. Most people never even think about this.  Then…crisis strikes…and in the midst of the crisis they are faced with making decisions for their health primarily based on the fear of the moment.

Examples … if I believe that my body is strong and healthy, made in the image of God, is created to heal itself and knows what it’s doing, then I will generally allow my body to heal and repair itself whenever I don’t feel great and I will likely embrace the model of pro-actively caring for my body (nutrition, exercise, rest, nerve system health).

… if I believe that I don’t have what it takes and that my body doesn’t have the ability to heal itself then I will generally reach for Advil, Tylenol and antibiotics for every hurt, fever, headache and infection.  I don’t necessarily understand that pro-actively taking care of myself dramatically lessens my likelihood of things like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, heart burn, etc.

What I have found over 15 years of practice is that most people have never really even thought about this subject. They tend to be mostly persuaded by marketers trying to sell products that suggest a pill is what is needed and when in crisis they do what seems to be the norm.

It’s time to establish your thoughts on your body and what its capabilities are and what you believe your role in it all is supposed to be.

I don’t think the body is supposed to heal itself. I KNOW the body is supposed to heal itself. I also know that the more I have taken good care of my body, the more capable of doing the healing it is.

I hope you take time to think about your health philosophy. What you think about your body.  I hope you come to the realization that you too, are created to heal and that your choices everyday really do make a difference.

Be Blessed, Dr Matt