7 Steps to Christmas Success

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Christmas is a time when you are busier, get less sleep, and are under more stress.  It’s actually a time when your body needs more positive health input; but with the craziness of life and gatherings and parties, it’s often a time when people’s health tanks.  They eat worse, stop exercising, and sleep less.  All this is a recipe for disaster.  The stress alone of Christmas means we need better nutrition, more exercise, and more sleep.

Here are 7 Steps to Christmas Success:

  • Pro-Actively Pre-Eat before gatherings and functions. Grab a healthy meal before you go.  You are less likely to grab all the fattening and unhealthy appetizers.
  • Stay continually hydrated. Many people (and kids) mistake dehydration for hunger. Alcohol is hard on your water levels so be extra conscientious if you are drinking.
  • Don’t skip your workout. Make time for exercise.  It keeps you de-stressing and keeps your mindset in the “health orientation”.  Bailing on workout’s leads to bailing on other healthy things too.
  • Steer clear of the sugary st Extra helping of beef or turkey is no problem at all.  Extra candied yams and sugary desserts are a big no no.  If anything is going to destroy your immune system it’s going to be sugar.
  • Don’t congregate near the food or bar. Standing and chatting in front of the appetizer table is pure torcher.  Stay in an atmosphere of low temptation.
  • Rest up. The night before a holiday fête get at least seven hours of sleep. A recent study found that after a short night’s sleep adults ate about an extra 300 calories and tended to choose higher-fat, higher-calorie foods.
  • Take to time to be merry and joyful. Stress is the greatest cause of health breakdown.  You have to be deliberately choosing joy, peace, gratitude and fun.  Take several short pauses during the day to think about all the amazing friends, family and blessings that you experience.

Merry Christmas, have fun, and be blessed,

Dr Matt