If your child had cancer or clogged arteries, what would you be willing to do? Would you take them to the best specialists? Would you have fundraisers to buy them the best possible care? Would you take time off work to go to appointments? Of course you would. You would do whatever it takes to help them get healthy again. My question to you is what are you willing to do to make sure they never get those diseases?

It’s clear to me when someone fully understands the life-changing health benefits of chiropractic. This is the person who wants their children to get their spine and nerve system checked. Not because they got hurt at gymnastics or got hit from behind in hockey, but because they want their children to have their best possible chance at health.

They want their children to get sick less, take fewer medications, require less hospital visits, and decrease their chances of getting cancer and heart disease. (These ultimately kill 5/6 people).

A 7-year follow-up study shows that people who incorporate chiropractic into their regular health regimen require 82 per cent few medications and are 60 per cent less likely to end up needing a hospital visit. That means less need for things like asthma puffers, tubes in the ears, and tonsils being taken out.

It’s clear that as parents we need strategies to keep our kids healthy. Cancer and other degenerative diseases are killing kids more and more often all the time. Leaving health to chance (living without a solid health strategy) in today’s world is leading to more childhood cancer, heart disease, diabetes, juvenile arthritis, and an overwhelming increase in prescription drug use.

Make the wise choice thousands of parents are making to keep their children strong and healthy. Chiropractic will help their immune system to be stronger (this system fights off germs and even cancer). When a heart is working at 100 per cent, it is unlikely to become diseased. A child’s brain uses the spinal cord to communicate to the rest of their body. Any problem in the spine leads to disrupted communication and always leads to compromised health. Your son or daughter can’t afford to have to have spinal issues. The only way to know how they are doing is to have a proper exam by a chiropractor.

Take action today and help your child be their best. Schedule a check up at New Life Chiropractic. Their health is their most important asset; look after it now before it’s too late.

Thank you for caring about the health of our next generations,

Dr. Matt