In 2014 the U.S. weight loss industry grossed $59.8 Billion in revenue. People have spent more and more on weight loss yet we are fatter than ever. Last year for the first time in decades there was a 1.1% decline in what was a perpetually growing industry for decades. Reports are showing that the only part of the weight loss market that is growing is the DIY segment of the industry. This is a good and a bad thing. The good thing is that people are starting to take more initiative on their own and realize that ultimately they are the ones in charge of their health. Fad products, magic bullet solutions and pill based diet solutions are not the long term solution. The bad thing is…with all the information online, it’s hard for the average consumer to discern what is truth and what is a scam. People are being pulled in a million different directions and don’t know what to do.

When it comes to weight management, the only real solution is to make it about health management. After all, the only really meaningful reason to look after your weight isn’t so you can look good on that cruise over March break, it’s because your health is the foundation of everything you do. Maybe your a Dad, maybe your a labourer, maybe your a doctor. Whatever you do you need your health. Weight and fat impact your health on every level. If you are overweight you are more likely to get cancer, have a heart attack, become diabetic, develop arthritis, have sleep apnea, take medication and die early. It’s that simple, excess weight and fat are deadly.

At NewLife we recognize that weight is a struggle for the majority of the population. The reason isn’t because they have bad genetics or lack some magic pill, it’s always rooted in lifestyle.

The 3 biggest things that impact weight are:

1) What you eat – what you eat is even more important that how much you eat.

2) How much you move – movement is a key factor in building muscle, muscle is key to a healthy weight.

3) Stress – stress blocks certain metabolic processes that let you burn fat. Stressed out people don’t burn fat well.

Topics we cover at New Life

1) Top 3 metabolism busters

2) Most time efficient way to exercise

3) Three daily strategies to melt fat away

4) Stress releasing tips help restore hormone balance

Bless you, Dr Matt