Similarities Between A Stay at Home Mom and Canada’s Leading Cancer Researcher

Dr Gerald Krystal from UBC is one of Canada’s leading cancer researcher. Amy Culver is my wife and the engineer masterminding the lives of our family and especially our children. What do they both have in common?? They both agree and understand that it’s all about the immune system.

Dr Krystal studies cancer for a living and he says the greatest thing you can do to prevent cancer in your life is keep your immune system strong. My wife Amy organizes and orchestrates the health decisions of our family and she too says the best thing you can do for your school age kids is keep their immune strong.

Dr Krystal says that the average adult has fought off cancer multiple times in their life and that their immune system is what recognizes the dysfunction. Dr Amy says that people love to blame germs and back to school as the cause of sickness but really things like stress, nutrition, rest and vitamin D.

You see the germ and genetic theories of disease have been given way too much power according to these two health experts. Something called lifestyle is really the trump card. Isn’t it interesting that two people who share the same genes don’t necessarily end up manifesting those diseases? Isn’t it interesting that the entire family is exposed to the same germs just by breathing the same air at home yet only one person gets a sore throat?

This is because a strong healthy immune system is really the determining factor in whether or not sickness and disease rears it’s ugly head. When your immune system is strong your kids will keep the strep bacteria in their throat in check before it ever runs rampant and causes a problem. The same with caner. A strong immune system will identify the cancer cells and get rid of them.

Your best shot at robust health is preventatively adopting a healthy lifestyle that keeps the immune system strong. Most people live reactively and are forced to make all their health decisisions in crisis. It’s impossible to flourish this way. It’s like me waiting to love on my wife until our marriage is so dysfunctional that their are worlds between us. It’s best to be pouring into the most important things in life proactively.

7 Titanium Immune System Tips for Kids and Adults

1) Brain Power – adjustments enhance your neuro-immune connection and boost immunity

2) Eliminate Sugar – 1tsp of sugar will depress your immune system for hours, cancer also loves sugar

3) Sunshine – get outside in fresh air and sunshine – supplement Vitamin D 35 IU/pound of body weight

4) Exercise – enhancing blood flow and challenging your muscles transports oxygen and releases growth hormone

5) Nutrient Rich Foods – foods with lots of nutrient density are key – vegetables are best

6) Rest – helaing happens with rest. Allow your body enough recovery

7) De-Stress – stress (which affects kids too) is the greatest threat to human health. Adjustments help here.

If you need help enhancing your family’s immune system please ask me, it’s that important.

Bless You, Dr Matt