What you do now matters later!

It’s awesome to know that whether a child is breast fed during infancy or not will actually impact their health as an adult. It’s a perfect example of what you do now mattering later.

When we look at all of life, and health in particular, it is so critical to recognize the law of seed-time and harvest. This means what I plant today will impact the harvest I will see down the road.

The food you consume today helps determine if a cell reproduces and functions well in the future. Today’s exercise impacts your ability to avoid and even recover from a heart attack in the future.

Take it to another level. The words I speak to my wife and kids today will determine the relationship we have in the future. Every word is seed that will take root and shape the future. Tell your spouse they’re the best thing to ever happen to you and watch your relationship flourish. Cut them down all the time and watch it wither.

From a health perspective, it’s key to continually plant good seed. Always consider and pour into your nerve system, your nutrition, choose to exercise, and have a balanced stress/rest regime.

Don’t be a typical North American who waits until their health is in a drought to try and plant seed. Nurture your health all the way along and enjoy a continual, strong harvest.

Be Blessed,

Dr Matt