Every time I am out of the office, it reinforces how much I love being a part of this amazing place and how much I love being a part of your lives. Weird as it sounds, I think about you guys all time when I don’t get to see you.

I am also so excited for the fresh hope and new beginning that a January 1st always brings. The slate is clean and we generally feel our greatest desire to initiate change this time of year. We want our life to be better so we try to change things. We eat differently, we start to exercise, we commit to family game nights, we give things up and take new things on. They are all really great ideas but they mean nothing if they don’t become action.

Statistics show us that new years resolutions fade within six weeks for most people. So this year I encourage you to not make resolutions. Instead, make lifestyle changes. Small sustainable changes that will forever change your life.

Perhaps you want to have more family time; schedule it! Perhaps you want to exercise. Write out what you will do each day of the week and at what time. Perhaps it is to love more – who and when? Make a plan. Perhaps it is to change nutrition habits. Write it down and tell others so they can keep you accountable.

Steps for Successful Lifestyle Changes:

  • Be specific
  • Write it down
  • Schedule it in
  • Tell a friend
  • Find someone to do it with you
  • Make a long term commitment

This year is going to be amazing and God has fantastic things in store for us all. You are a co-creator in this year and need to do your part. Envision your life the way you hope it to be and take massive action. I’m looking forward to hearing about amazing breakthroughs.

Dr. Matt