2016 has arrived and I imagine it’s unlikely you’ll retain every bit of information you read, write, or hear this year. If you’re anything like me, you likely need a go-to-list of a few simple reminders to help you recall why you are striving towards living a healthy life in moments when everyone else is eating a bag of chips or breaking their latest resolution, simultaneously inviting you to join their pity party.

If you aren’t super human, here are six points written just for you. I keep these somewhere I’ll see daily, so I can be reminded why I need to have an attitude of excellence when my body is waging war with my mind. I’m only human and need to stack the odds to win over the day. Here it goes:

  1. My health is the most important asset I have. It is the foundation of everything I do in my life.
  2. My body is made unexplainably well. Researchers are still discovering all the miracles taking place within the human body. My brain is currently using 20% of all the oxygen I breathe and calories I eat. My body heals and regulates all day long on its own. This God-ordained health and self healing doesn’t require any of my comprehension, so I can relax and focus on doing my part.
  3. All of my health and healing is controlled by my nervous system. Messages going from my brain to my body control and regulate everything as they travel through my spine. I will make decisions that develop strength and posture in my back and spine, not ones that deteriorate it.
  4. Lifestyle is the number one cause of disease. What I do in life can positively or negatively impact my natural-born ability to be healthy. Monotonous postures, poor nutrition, lack of movement, and continuous stress are in direct contradiction to the Laws of Health by which I live.
  5. My lifestyle will be the number one contributor to my health and longevity. I will cherish my nervous system by maintaining proper nutrition, movement, and rest to continually contribute to health and healing. My good choices will add years to my life and life to my years.
  6. Only I can do it, but I can’t do it alone. No one else can make me healthy; I have to do it myself. As I allow appointed people to guide and assist me, I know I am the only person in complete charge of my health.

Awesome, right? So simple, yet foundational to re-shaping and transforming your mind. Following these six steps will transform your view of health. Health comes first by seeing and hearing, then by living out these health-oriented decisions. Take an active step toward a better life today. The grass is greener and the music a little sweeter over here; the food tastes better too.

Today’s your day. Be Blessed,

Dr Matt