Your Belly and Your Brain

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Ever been waiting for a job interview or a big test and find that your bowels are suddenly very loose?

Perhaps, at some point,  you’ve received such bad news that you actually felt sick to your stomach?

Maybe your kids got so excited once that they actually threw up?

Could you be that person that regularly says, “I just knew in my gut that something wasn’t right”?

These are all very real happenings that demonstrate the connection between the mind and the gut.  This is one very important and tremendously overlooked connection in today’s medical system.

Digestive health is directly connected to mental health and vice versa.  Nurturing both the gut and the mind simultaneously is the only way to create effective health improvements in both of these areas.  People who never address stress will struggle to see digestive health improvements and people who neglect their bowels will struggle to see mental health improvements.

Tips to heal your mind and your gut:

  • Decide what matters the most to you in life and only allow those things to significantly impact your life. Ex/ if the gossiping parents at the kids school aren’t high in your priority list, don’t take what they say to heart.  Ex/ if your not a professional financial analyst or politician, don’t read those things in the news that are irrelevant to you.
  • Improve your gut health and mental health by adding the following foods
    1. Fermented (high probiotic) foods- kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, dark chocolate
    2. Bone broth – real broth made from only bones, spices and veggies.
    3. Supplements – probiotics, L-glutamine, collagen
    4. Chiropractic adjustments – each adjustment directly influences your stress, digestion, breathing and rest which are all key for mental health.

Be Blessed, Dr Matt