(5 / 5): Love, Love, Love…has taught our family more about being healthy than any other doctor we have ever seen. Started out for back pain, then helped with headaches now I believe my entire family doesn’t get sick nearly as often as a result of the ongoing care we receive. Although we have never needed it, he works with people who can’t afford chiropractic to make sure they get the care they need. Dr. Matt and his whole family are a great example to this community.

(5 / 5): As a family we have been seeing Dr Matt since 2004. He is conscientious, knowledgeable and has a genuine concern for his patients. We constantly recommend Dr Matt.

(5 / 5): I am so happy to find someone who cares more about my health than anything else. Getting better is a process and we are glad to be on the journey to improvement. He is looking after my entire family and my mother (in her 70’s) and has reduced his fee (significantly) so that we can all get the help we need.

(5 / 5): Dr. Matt is passionate about helping his patients achieve maximum results.

(5 / 5): Dr. Matt and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and genuine in really wanting to help. My family has been seeing Dr. Matt for chiropractic adjustments in Grimsby since 2009 and have seen and continue to see numerous improvements in our overall health. We are very happy and constantly recommend Dr. Matt to our family and friends.

(5 / 5): I broke my neck in a car accident 30 years ago and was not expected to live or to be paralyzed from the neck down. By the grace of God and now with Dr. Tonnos help , I live a active and almost pain free life. I did not believe in chiropractors before and never let anybody touch my neck until last year when a friend of mine told me about New Life Chiropractic. Dr. Tonnos and his staff are well educated and caring people who are trying to teach people how to live a pain and stress free life. I would highly recommend him.

(5 / 5): We have been getting regular adjustments at New Life Chiropractic for almost 2 years. Our experience has been nothing but positive. If there is something Dr Matt feels needs attention from my family doctor or someone else, he will encourage that. The staff have been the best, always smiling, very helpful, and willing to find answers to questions. The longest I’ve had to wait was once for 20 minutes due to an emergency. Otherwise, I never wait longer than 5 minutes for my appointment. Everyone is very helpful in many ways. Dr Matt will host free monthly seminars to address health issues, diseases, diet, exercise, and so much more. Each one has been worth attending and learning from. Dr Matt’s experience and knowledge has been a blessing in our lives and I recommend him and his expertise to anyone who wants to remain healthy for a long time!

(5 / 5): Three years ago I went to see Dr. Matt on the recommendation of a friend. Since that time, I have experienced healing from numerous health conditions including allergies, asthma, chronic sinusitis, migraines, etc. Dr. Matt takes time to answer any questions I have and encourages a healthy lifestyle in order to allow your body to heal and prevent disease. Dr. Matt’s office is an upbeat, energetic, positive environment. He and his staff genuinely care and always offer encouragement. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Dr. Matt and his staff. My life has changed for the better under his care and I do not hesitate to recommend him to my family, friends and clients.

(5 / 5): Dr. Matt is a wonderful, caring and very professional chiropractic doctor. He is always willing to take the time to listen and share information as required. His office and staff are very positive and upbeat. Truly a place that is a pleasure to visit!

(5 / 5): My life has completely changed for the better since coming to Dr. Matt 3 years ago now. Dr. Matt cares so much for each and every patient that he sees. I was in many car accidents since I was a little girl, and I lived with chronic back and neck pain and frequent migraine headaches, and now I live pain free due to seeing Dr. Matt faithfully on a weekly basis. If a problem arises with my spine, then I tell him and he fixes it right away. Plus, he gives free workshops and seminars for all of his clients so that we can learn more about optimum health care. I highly recommend him and his whole friendly staff to everyone I know because more people need to have freedom from pain, and live a more quality life. It has been life changing for me to have such an amazing chiropractor. My whole family, including my very young grandchildren see Dr. Matt regularly and all of us have had amazing results like myself.

(5 / 5): I came to Dr.Matt in desperation, searching for help with my daughter’s health, and even though I wasn’t in a financial position to afford chiropractic care, he worked with me to ensure that chiropractic care was possible not only for my daughter, but myself as well. My daughter’s health has improved immensely, and I strongly believe that it is because of his prayers, love for his patients and generosity in helping us to be able to afford care that my daughter is not only alive, but is thriving. The most soul crushing thing a parent can go through is to not know if their child will live or die, and thanks to Dr. Matt, I am now confident in my daughter’s health. In addition to Dr. Matt saving my daughter’s life, I’ve now experienced a new level of health, and I no longer get migraines, am no longer an insomniac, and hardly ever get sick any more. Even if you think you’re healthy, by seeing Dr. Matt, you can experience a totally new level of health that you didn’t realize was possible.

(5 / 5): From the front staff to Dr. Tonnos himself you will never meet a more friendly bunch of people…Dr. Tonnos always has the time to answer any questions or concerns, he is very knowledgeable, offers great free seminars on a wide rage of health topics…A number of years ago I had a serious car accident when they were doing x-rays they discovered I had one kidney the size of a peanut and the other double the size it should be (I was born with a birth defect unknown to me and one of my Kidneys had been slowly shrinking I was told it would just dissolve one day…As a results of my car accident the Dr.’s recommended chiropractor care for the rest of my life…I moved to Grimsby a few years ago and started to see Dr. Tonnos after a few years of adjustments I had a x-ray done on the kidney and my Family Dr. stated that my kidney had started to function again..I THINK THIS GOES WITHOUT SAYING “Chiropractor Care works” and you will not find better care than here. 🙂

(5 / 5): Dr. Matt runs a friendly, caring office. He is outstanding at explaining all the connections between regular adjustments and improved health. I have attended several of his extra talks and he is an excellent speaker who provides up-to-date information in a thoroughly understandable manner. A truly caring professional!

(5 / 5): Wow! Such a great first experience. Dr. Tonnos and his staff were very friendly. The first examination was very thorough and this made me feel that he was more concerned with helping me than making a buck. Thank you.

(5 / 5): Efficient, thorough and compassionate. Fun and energetic doctor who is making a difference in our entire well being. Has amazing workshops that helped us improve our entire well being. Try his office, you will love it.

(5 / 5): The part my family valued most was that he helped us understand everything. Also worked with us financially to get us the care we needed. A true health visionary

(5 / 5): my husband and i were very impressed with Dr. Matt. He did a very thorough evaluation of my spine and made me feel like i could trust him with my spinal health. I like coming to the office, good staff and nice atmosphere.

(5 / 5): I would defenitly recommend him to anyone! From young children to the elderly. As soon as you step into the clinic you feel seperated from the world outside. Everyone is so caring and compassionate. Dr.Tonnos is honestly an amazing chiropractor.

(5 / 5): Dr. Matt is the best. We love him. His staff is so wonderful and friendly. It is the most caring office I have ever been to. Dr. Matt is very friendly, down to earth and really takes time to listen. He has helped me in so many ways, my headaches are gone and I am feeling great. You can tell he really cares about his patients. He is a terrific chiropractor. I have nothing but positive things to say.

(5 / 5): very thorogh and caring and very up to date on his proffesion

(5 / 5): Dr Matt and the whole team at New Life is just an example of how the health care should be. Caring for his patients not only with amazing chiropractic but also by educational seminars for a healthier you. I can’t recommend it enough.

(5 / 5): My son has been what we would consider, chronically ill shortly after birth. As parents we were feeling helpless and defeated. Since going to New Life Chiropractic we have noticed big changes!! We were feeling like we were constantly depending on drugs, but now we’re helping to build good health from the inside out, all thanks to Dr.Matt. The best is that our son is truly comfortable with Dr.Matt – I honestly believe children can sense when others are truly trying to help and heal.
We also really appreciate the staff going out of their way to make our son feel special at each and every visit.

(5 / 5): Before beginning care at New Life Chiropractic there were mornings where I could barely get out of bed and I would have to get my wife to help me get out of bed. Then, after making the long drive to work it would take forever to get out of the car. I was never a believer in chiropractic care until I started at New Life. Since then I am no longer taking any pain medication for my back. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I woke up with a sore back. Dr. Matt has not only treated my back but he has also shown me how to take better care of myself. Thanks!

(5 / 5): Everyone at New Life Chiropractic is energetic and compassionate. They are genuine and really want to make a difference in your life. Our health has greatly improved thanks to Dr. Matt!

(5 / 5): My family has been going to him for almost a year. He cares about eachone of his patients so much. This man and all his staff are so amazing and my husband has no more back pain……Praise God