A Compassionate Christmas

Red, yellow, orange. As the leaves give their final display of brilliance in preparation for winter, we are shifting into the Christmas season. A season characterized by generosity, family dinners, laughter, hot chocolate by the fireplace and 53 original Hallmark … Continued

Is My Health Really a Priority?

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An all too popular question. I’m going to explain why your health should be your biggest priority and how health will lead you to the life you want. Now, if you’re in a rough spot, first of all, do not feel guilty. This is a … Continued

The Vagus Nerve, Why it Matters!

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Research: Vagus Nerve Activity a Strong Predictor of Cancer Survival The “Vagus Nerve” – A very long (and important) nerve that goes from your upper neck to most organs in the body. It is a major part of the parasympathetic nerve system. wisegeek.com/what-is-the-function-of-the-medulla.htm The “Parasympathetic System” – There are two major … Continued

We Need Your Help…

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One of my biggest fears is that I will move on from this life without letting everything inside of me out. I’m not talking about travelling the world, making more money, or eating expensive food; I’m talking about being able to express … Continued

Let’s Get Started

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When a patient first begins care in our office, there are many questions and many things we need to address. Whether you have been consciously or subconsciously making your health decisions, chances are they have been rooted in today’s medical/sick-care model. … Continued

Titanium Immunity

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Similarities Between A Stay at Home Mom and Canada’s Leading Cancer Researcher Dr Gerald Krystal from UBC is one of Canada’s leading cancer researcher. Amy Culver is my wife and the engineer masterminding the lives of our family and especially … Continued

Weight Management

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In 2014 the U.S. weight loss industry grossed $59.8 Billion in revenue. People have spent more and more on weight loss yet we are fatter than ever. Last year for the first time in decades there was a 1.1% decline … Continued