Build it Before you Need it

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You wouldn’t wait for your car to break down to change the oil; would you? Then why wait until you are sick before taking care of yourself?

By mid-October, many families find themselves scrambling because they are in the midst of the supposed “cold and flu season.” One-by-one they find their household falling into sickness. Waiting until you’re sick to think about your immune system simply won’t cut it in today’s stressful world.

Our lives change a lot in September. Movement and activity levels plummet as days get shorter and life gets busier. We get less vitamin D from daylight, a major immune hormone that gets converted to a steroid in your body. We eat fewer fresh fruits and vegetables and more pre-packaged lunches and fast-paced dinners; as consequence, we consume lower quality nutrients. Our kids’ activities resume and work ramps up; households are typically more stressed this time of year. Nutrition tanks and sugar consumption rises with Thanksgiving, Halloween, and dozens of Christmas gatherings.

Can we really call this a sick season, or blame it on our children bringing germs home from school? Or, is it a season where we forget to prioritize our health and stop giving our bodies what they need to fight infection?

When life gets busy, this is when you need your immune system most. It needs to be built up in advance like a rainy-day savings account. Come to our GPS for Family Success Workshop and learn how you can make this “cold and flu season” your most successful ever.

Be Blessed,

Dr Matt