Be Informed…Ask Questions…Your Decision Matters

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When it comes to your health, being empowered is a 100% necessity.
It is so important that any time you put something into your body or you do something to your body you ask these very important questions.

1) What is it that I am doing and how does it impact my health or illness, am I masking or fixing the root?
2) Are there any side effects that may not be good for my long term health?
3) Is there anything I can do to strengthen my body or overcome my present adversity on my own?
4) Is there anything less invasive and more conservative that can be done?

In light of the three studies outlined in the info-graphics below, it is clear that the “don’t question the doctor” approach to health is not in anyone’s best interest.  Being empowered, equipped and informed is your best bet.

Live your best life,
Be blessed,

Dr. Matt